Friday Hacks #134, April 7

Welcome back to our last episode of Friday Hacks for this semester! This week we’ll be having Peter over to talk about Nix and NixOS. Nix and its related technologies bring a ra... Read More

Friday Hacks #133, March 31

Hey folks, join this special edition on cyber security to hear from Jeff Moss and Halvar Flake! Event Description: NUS Greyhats and NUS Hackers are co-organizing this coming sp... Read More

Friday Hacks #132, March 24

Hello folks! Welcome back to Friday Hacks #132. This week we’ll be having a talk by Abhilash, the creator of Bus Uncle, about how he built Singapore’s most viral chatbot. After ... Read More

Friday Hacks #131, March 17

Hi folks! This week we are privileged to have one of the leading experts in high performance computing (he has his own law!), give a talk on the intricacies of math in computing... Read More

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